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Business Card Design FEE: $50  - one time fee with unlimited text updates.

I recommend 2500 full color front and back business cards printed for only $85. You can print directly through us and receive massive wholesale discounts The EE Business card design is 100% custom (no templates) giving you exactly what you want in your business card.

EE Design Studio offers CUSTOM designs sure to impress potential clients. We use no templates here  and fully customize your business card exactly the way you want it. We will custom design your business card ready for printing for only $50.00,  The benefits are priceless. This includes front and back design with unlimited updates on services, phone numbers, web changes or additions for life. Don’t go with a cheesy template, go with custom. We also offer printing options. You purchase your design and printing right through EE. Printing is extra and pricing varies, please call for an accurate printing quote.
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Business Card Designer Midland Odessa Texas

Business cards are one of the basic things that every businessman should have. As part of the marketing schemes being used by any company, it is essential that they have a business card that can effectively represent their company and the services they offer. That is why companies must have business cards to represent their company other than serving as the means where contact information can be placed written.

However, business cards also serve as the subject in which impressions made may depend. If you want to gain good impression from the client this card is given, it is vital that the appearance of the card must also reflect the company’s reputation. That can only be done by hiring the services of a business card designer.

Business card designers have all the knowledge and skills on how a business card can effectively reflect your company. They are expert when it comes to designing business cards that will easily identify that it is from your company.

If you want to impress your clients, then you must start looking for Business Card Designer Midland Odessa Texas today. These business cards designers do not use any template in creating this type of cards. Instead, they are customizing designs based on the instruction given on how it must look.

These business designers do not just simply create and design business cards. Business Card Designer Midland Odessa Texas service covers both designs on the front and back part, and even provides unlimited updates for the service, web changes, phone numbers or any additions that will come.

Plus, there is a wide selection for you choose to from starting from the material, size, corner designs, and color for the business card. You can either choose to have fully-colored, matte or high-glossed business cards. You can also choose from plastic and metal where the business card will be made. So, find Business Card Designer Midland Odessa Texas now, and discover its offered benefits.


Yeah we build great websites, but a good looking web site is useless unless you have traffic. Traffic requires search engine optimization. We guarantee first page local rankings on Google with our business web design package.

The EE provides video editing and production services. We will shoot custom videos for your event or business. We will help get you maximum exposure to your potential customers.

Need to promote your band ? Our services include design cd covers, posters, indiecards, T-shirts, stickers, apparel, postcards, cards, banners, signs and much more. Very affordable without compromise

EE is a full graphic design studio. We will custom design any logo, banner, ads, menu, personal or business, promotional graphics of any kind. Professional quality design without melting your pocket book.

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Need business cards, brochures, menu’s, flyer, or any other publication? We are your design to print company. The EE will works directly with the printing companies to get your design to print with less headache.

The EE is a full custom web design studio dedicated to small business. We use no templates start with a fresh canvas to give you a one of a kind look to set you apart from the competition.

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