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Hello my name is Chris Enderby owner of EE Marketing Company in Midland Texas. I started The EE because I absolutely love doing two things, graphic design and small business advertising. I love to hunt down new clients and bring them in. One area where I am able to use both graphic design and advertising is Web development. So The EE Web Design Studio was birthed. I use my creativity and the inner hunger for new business to benefit the Midland area with search engine targeted websites for small business. I don't stop there either, The EE is also a full graphics to print studio as well. I created this page to give you the public a more information on me, “Chris Enderby”.

I was born in Odessa Texas and raised in San Angelo with one older brother “David Cory Enderby” and younger sister “Shae Ann Enderby” I have always had a great imagination going through school. Some teachers thought my imagination was so great that it kept me from staying 100% focused on the teaching at hand. Yeah sure, I can see where that could be true. I even picked up art in Jr high school because of my passion for the created world from the human mind. I just wanted to express myself. But I also liked making money too. While the art gig wasn't making much I turned to my entrepreneurial spirit inside and started a lawn and landscaping business. Heavily and aggressively marketing my demographic. I ran flyers, passed out business cards, knocked door to door... I grew real fast and didn't have to work by myself anymore because I had enough customers to support more than just me. Years flew by, and I found myself the largest residential lawn and landscape company in my town. But mowing grass is a thoughtless job and my thirst for creativity was not being satisfied. I sold my landscape company and ran back to my first love, art. I funneled all of my creativity into graphic design. I was able to learn and pick up on Internet graphics fast. I wanted to use my graphic design skills to help small businesses flourish. What better way to serve the Midland area than small business web design.  I love web design, and combine search engine optimized written content to make one of the most deadly combo’s on the Internet. I found out real fast that a killer looking web site is no good without well written content, and a lot of it. So I wanted to be the best and most effective web designer which meant learning SEO (search engine optimization) . So I studied. I researched. I tried and failed, and became fairly good at becoming number one in Midland Texas. Go ahead, Google Web Designer in Midland Texas and see who comes up on top (not counting the paid ads). So with my graphics, creativity and solid proven SEO tactics I feel real comfortable building high quality websites for small business that can be found easily on the search engines. Well, there is a little bit on how I got started. Thank you for visiting The EE web site and look forward to helping you build your dreams on the web and making it reality without dissolving your pocket book.

Chris Enderby Christopher Enderby Christopher Enderby Midland Texas
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