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Hello my name is Chris Enderby owner of The EE Web Design. I want to share with you some tricks of the trade that will make your web site more effective. Yes, more effective I will be discussing why most web sites are ineffective and how you can turn your website into a powerhouse. I also want to give you some resources that will send your website to the top of Google's rankings. Why, am I giving you all this free information, you might ask. Well it’s simple, Zig Ziglar once said “You help enough people get what they want and you can have everything that you want”, I truly believe that. Enjoy this article I hope it helps you. You may share this article on your website just add a credited link back to this site. “FLY HIGH”


First, lets talk about effective web design. Your website is worthless unless someone can find it. In most cases a potential client will not go directly to your website, they will first search for you on the search engines such as Google. There are a couple key components to being effective. Most people spend more energy on what a web page looks like and their website never receives any traffic. Sure a great looking web site is what you want, but that alone will not get you where you need to be. There are two major components you will need known as the ABC’s of web development, Content and Graphic Design . I have to say that I truly believe that your content is far more valuable than what your web site looks like, by far. I will give you some secrets to both and your web page will be the star of the search engines. You will begin to stomp the competition.


If you focus on anything,  I want you to focus on your content. Content is simply all the words in your website. You will have to write quality material and a lot of it. The more content in your website, the greater relevance your website will have on the search engines. Your content needs to be easy to understand, straight forward and to the point. People are looking for information and do not want their experience to be frustrating. This is what I would do, I would focus all of my attention on the top 5 web pages and try to present the content with some flare (Pictures). The top five web pages are usually your home page, services page, products page, contact us page, about us page, and gallery page. Make sure these web pages are well written without overloading them with too much to read, (Nobody likes to hit a block of words). Split it up and get right to the point, answer all the questions they might be looking for. SECRET- Google and all other search engines do not care what your website looks like they cannot read images. Search engines can only read words. So the more words your website has about you, the better chance you will have obtaining #1 rankings with search engines. So type until your keyboard falls apart and watch your website explode with traffic. After you have successfully entered all the content you need on your first five web pages, I want you to start writing articles about stuff that matters in your field. These articles do not have to be fancy, they don’t even have to have any pictures to help tell the story. These articles need to on separate pages somewhere in your website. The more of these articles that you write the more you will be noticed, I promise. I always blast out the articles I write on Facebook, Twitter and other social feeds to try to boost traffic. SECRET- I know this might sound a little cheap but its effective. Stuff as many keywords (words that you would type in the search engine to find your site) as you can, in your content. Its not the best practice(You compromise quality) but is very effective in gaining significant search engine results. I would save the keyword stuffing for your articles that are buried deep in your website. I used the word WEB quite a few times in this article, its the keyword I want to boost for my website.

Story- I own a Collectibles company called Dumpster Ducks. I sell collectibles on the Internet and had a real rough time gaining the traffic I needed to sell product. So I wrote an article called “The Top Most Valuable Toys in the World”. That article alone receives 100+ hits a day. Because that article receives that many hits, I sell a lot more toys. Just like that. Effectiveness at its best.

Graphic Design / Images

Graphic Design is another key component in web development. While content is what the search engines see, pictures are what people see. People love pictures and respond well to them. A picture is worth a thousand words. While great content will bring them there, great graphics will lure them in and make them feel comfortable. Think of your website as a house and you need to fill the walls with art. Without stuff on the walls your house will just look creepy. You don't have to be a graphic designer to have a great looking website you just need great pictures that help tell the story or help explain your products and services. If you do not have these great pictures I highly recommend you go to http://www.freedigitalphotos.net  use their images. Your images and color scheme will help build trust with the viewer and keep them engaged. I highly recommend that all your pages with words on them be in either a black background with white words or a white background with black words (like this page). Here is an example of what NOT TO DO:

SECRET- Rename all your photos and graphics to match the keywords you are trying to build for the search engines. I usually name the images on my site “Web Design in Midland TX” This will help boost search engine rankings and get you found on the Internet.(Bonus!!).

If there is one piece of advise I would give you is to put a large banner right on your front page. This is the new style that most web developers are going with.This type of design draws them in and lets them know they have leaped into an adventure. Try to make your homepage the prize of your work. Most surfers don't get past the first page, do not let that be your website. Lure them in with specials, pictures, quotes, jokes, anything to keep the crowd engaged.

Simple Tips

Link Building

Link building is the hardest task if you ask me, but very necessary. Link building is simply this, get your website link on as many other websites as you can. This is a major component in how you will be ranked with the search engines. Remember a website is worthless unless people see it and that means relying on the search engines. So register your website with as many online directories as you can. Ask people in your city if they would be willing to trade links, you put their link on your website and they put yours on theirs. I have listed some resources below to help you get started with link building.

Here are some I recommend:

(Click any of the links below to go directly there)

Google Palces


Merchant Circle


Service Magic

Angie’s List

Yahoo Local



Yellow Pages


You can hire me to submit your business to all these directories for $149.00 (were talking 6 - 10 hours )

1. Google

2. Bing

3. Yahoo!

4. Yelp

5. Merchant Circle

6. LinkedIn

7. YellowPages.com

10. Supermedia

11. Yellowbook

13. Mapquest

14. Biznik

15. Local.com

16. Foursquare

17. ThinkLocal

18. CitySlick

20. SuperPages

22. Dex

23. BizJournals.com

24. TeleAtlas

25. JustClickLocal

26. Discover our Town

27. Metrobot

28. EZ Local

29. twibs

30. LocalEze

31. Kudzu

32. CityVoter

33. Manta

34. Zipweb

35. MatchPoint

36. UsCity.net

37. Local Site Submit

38. InfoUSA

39. Axciom

40. Infignos

41. Yellow Assistance

42. Get Fave

42. My Huckleberry

43. GenieKnows

44. MojoPages

45. Brownbook

46. Magic Yellow

47. CitySquares

48. TeleAtlas

49. Navteq GPS

50. Judy's Book

I hope this information has served you well. If you have any questions please contact me at:

Eemidland@gmail.com If you are interested in any graphic or web design please don't hesitate to inquire our services. Remember, BE AWESOME.

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