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Hello my name is Chris Enderby, Graphic Designer for EE Web Design Studio. I work hard to meet your expectations and make sure that you receive a high quality, first class service. I am known for bending over backwards for my customers and will do the same for you.

                               Chris Enderby

Business Cards Pricing

Business Cards are an essential tool for any business. You’ve heard the expression “You never get a second chance to make a first  impression” . That’s why it is vital to present a well put together card that is informative and direct. These are the worlds best networking tools. a physical card you put into the hands of a potential client.

Business Cards

Brochures give you the ability to put your information in the hands of a potential customers at the time of a potential sale. This carries a lot of weight, earning trust and the ability to show the client pictures and graphs explaining your business or services. Invaluable!! Add this to your business advertising plan and watch it grow.

Flyers - Ads

Does your company have a major event going on, you will need to promote. Nothing does that better than a good ole fashion flyer or poster. GET THE WORD OUT THERE!! Events, Fundraiser's, Phone Book Ads, Concerts, Ect. We got you covered. Look like the professionals while staying under budget.

Whatever business publications you need , EE has you covered. Business card design is your first avenue to a making a first impression. I really believe in business cards and what they stand for. Business Card Design is crucial for any business and does not have to just have contact info. You can offer special discounts and have some other resource on the business card that will come in handy .  The next step you can take that will bring your company to the next level is signs. WOW, So Valuable. I own Frozen Frenzy Snow Cones in Midland Texas and depend on street traffic. My first week in business I was crushed to see how little business I did my first day. I really didn't have it in my budget to buy a banner so people could see me, but I knew it was necessary. After a week I installed the banner and my business increased 75% the first day. BANNERS HELP! If you own a retail or restaurant establishment you better get busy with some signs ASAP. Flyers and Posters are necessary to help promote events and services you offer. A landscape company I designed flyers for here in Midland Texas started a flyer campaign and ran a 1000 flyers a week for 2 months. His company went from 1 employee to 4 full time employees and a new shop in months. Flyers are important for any small business. Want to get the word out there? Use posters to tell it all and bring excitement to their minds. Concerts are a perfect example of how important it is to use posters to promote your event. You can carry that same thinking right into your business. Start a sale, have a giveaway, serve free hot dogs or snow cones... the list goes on. There is no reason for you to have to hurt any longer. Brochure design is one of my favorite ways to promote items or services. Brochures are a tell all. It’s kind of like a website on paper. Brochures are so vital to your business because they explain all your services in detail. They can also be used as menus to inform your customer of the different packages or bundles you offer. Filled with pictures and wonder, Brochures are a must for your growing business. Act Today! Menu Design is key for any restaurant. If you invest in anything, invest in your walk in customers and keep them coming back. Repeat business is vital to your restaurant. The menu design brings a lot to the table and more than you can ever imagine. For restaurants this is open day 101. Make sure you are not left behind because your customer is questioning your establishment. Give them the security they need with a well designed menu TODAY!. Business Cards in Midland Texas, Brochure Design in Midland Texas, Flyers and Posters in Midland Texas, Restaurant Menu Design in Midland Texas, Signs in Midland Texas, Sign Design in Midland Texas, Business Advertising in Midland Texas, Business Publication Design in Midland Texas. Thank you for visiting our website. EE Enderby Enterprises '''

Retail, Restaurants, Construction, Business Owners Be Found!!! Raise Public Awareness. Banners, Signs, Yard Signs, Door Magnets, Window Decals, and More. Signs have always played a major role in growth. If you want to grow people want to know who you are and what you selling. These are affordable and first class all the way.


Hungry customers want to see before they buy. There is no better way to accomplish this than through a well designed menu for your restaurant. Lets face it the customer sees it on a menu way before the food hits their table. A well designed menu will set you apart from the other restaurants. This menu will establish a relationship with the customer allowing them to explore all the great food you offer.

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Need to promote your band ? Our services include design cd covers, posters, indiecards, T-shirts, stickers, apparel, postcards, cards, banners, signs and much more. Very affordable without compromise

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The biggest problem I see in this day and age, is the employee or owner thinks that what they are doing is more important than a relationship with the customer. I believe that we have that backwards. Yes, your services are important and need to be done in a timely manner, but take a few seconds and look the customer in the eye when they are talking and respond without a sense of urgency.

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