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How to blog and write engaging content for your website

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How to blog and write engaging content for your website

Your website is an extension of yourself. It is your voice. Your opportunity and platform to move people to action. To uplift those who are in the pits of despair. To make a difference. Unfortunately, many people don’t treat it as so. Instead of writing original and engaging content, they write a few words solely for the ability to say that they blogged for the day. And that is why they fail.

That is why conversions are low. Why reader engagement is non-existent. It is why people don’t consider you the expert in your field. If you can’t take the time to allow your passion and creativity to flow through your fingertips into written word, then you can’t expect people to be moved by you. So the question is, how do you write engaging content for your website?

Be True

In the famous play Hamlet, Polonius leaves Laertes with some parting wisdom, “This above all: to thine own self be true…" This advice holds true in many situations and especially in writing. If you want to gain raving fans that can’t wait to read what you have to offer, you’re going to have to be authentic to yourself. It’s the only way to be passionate. And passion engages. So listen to Laertes and be true to yourself while blogging.

Don’t Just Research the Topic

Have you ever read a commentary and quickly realized that the author didn’t fully understand the topic? It had good points, but the wording was superficial at best. This is usually caused by writing about something you have researched, but not taken the time to understand what you have researched. When discussing a topic, make sure to take the time to internalize the information you have gathered. It is the only way you can talk about it in a passionate way. Your readers will thank you for the time you have spent and the more profound writings you will be able to put out.

Don’t Fall for Writer’s Block

I don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe in inspiration block. Writing is easy. Writing uninspired…not so much. So what do you do if you’re having a hard time putting pen to paper? In short, find your inspiration. Some people just need a change of scenery. Others, a little exercise. One of the tricks I have picked up is to have some ambient noise in the background. I’ll have playing in the background which streams sounds from coffee shops while simultaneously playing classical guitar. This combo is powerful and helps my ideas flow.

Write as if You are having a Conversation with a Friend

Your readers are your friends. Treat them as such. When you write, have a conversation with them. This will help keep them engaged and entertained. Ultimately, the way to write engaging content is to write about what moves you…and write passionately about it. It’s the only way to write entertaining, true, and wonderful content that keeps your readers satisfied. So be authentic. Be passionate. Be engaging.