? How to Grow a Landscape Business Fast
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How to make a Landscape Business ExplodeOK, assuming that you already have a landscape company, this article will help your build your customer base.  I have been a lawn and landscape owner for 13 years and love stomping the competition. I will give the most important tips to gaining new clients and help you start generating the phone calls the major landscape companies receive.

Business Cards
This is your first step.
I don’t care if you have to to print some generic card on your computer and print it in black & white; This is a must have. Make it a habit of leaving a business card at each neighboring house you service. People will come out of nowhere “while your working”, and want a number. Don’t ever find yourself in a place asking if they have a pen. Be prepared and have a card.

Now that you have a business card, get ready to get busy because this next step will thrust you into “work-your-tail-off” mode fast. Flyers are a numbers game that work not sometimes, but EVERY TIME. Here’s what I have found to be accurate. 100 flyers = 3 phone calls = 2 jobs. WOW, that’s instant results. My first years in the lawn and landscape field, I had been working by myself with a helper and barely getting by. I wanted growth, so I printed up some flyers and ran 1000 of them a week for 3 months. I went from behind a mower to running full-time estimates, with 6 employees and 2 crews. It takes one hour in an average neighborhood to run 100 flyers. Take an hour out of your day and run a 100 here and there and watch your business explode.

Digital Marketing
OK, you might be thinking what does digital marketing have to do with landscape. Well, let me put it to you this way. Nobody uses a phone book anymore. How do you think a potential customer will find you if phone books are dead? Yes, that’s right... the smart phone. They Google “Lawn care in City State” or “Landscape in City State”. You need to be easily found on the Internet. Do not market your name, market what you do. You landscape and mow lawns, period. This is what you do. Get a web page up and call it “Landscape in City State” (the city and state you are in of course). Register your business and website with Google places. Start a Facebook page and register with every business directory you can think of.

Here’s some I recommend:
(Click any of these links to go directly there)

Google Palces
Merchant Circle
Service Magic
Angie’s List
Yahoo Local
Yellow Pages

Although there are many more out there, this will get you started. Your website doesn't have to be fancy it just needs to have your phone number and services you provide. Here is a really good website builder page: www.web.com
~or you can get a custom website built with all the writing done for you here for $300.00

I mowed grass for many years and always wanted to get away from the mower. I've tried not only mowing, but landscape installation and irrigation. I always found myself running back to the mower because that's where the money is. It’s all about residual income. After you gain your customer base you can stop running around like a mad man scratching up new customers. But landscape installation only will have you chasing new leads the rest of your life. Once a landscape job is complete there you are looking for another install or clean-up, as opposed to lawn mowing. So happy mowing and make that money! Well I hope you find this information useful in gaining more customers. Please like us on Facebook.
3 Easy Ways to Make Your  Landscape Business  Explode

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