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Do you own a small business that has shown little or no growth in the last couple years. Are you wanting to fulfill your dreams, but it seems like it is taking forever and your crawling too slow? You might need to look at your marketing strategy. Word of mouth will only get you so far before the trail leads to a dead end. Your services need to be exposed, they need to be broadcast  to your city. They need to know who you are and what services you offer.  This used to be a simple task of picking up the phone book and turning to the yellow pages. Well, I hate to break it to you, but those days are long gone. Things got a little more complicated when the Internet came around.  Your name doesn't even register with the search engines with yellow pages anymore, Yellow pages are as useless as charger and a lost phone. Now I will tell you what will work. And that’s Internet marketing and it can be very inexpensive. Did you know that 75% of your new customers will come from Internet referrals?  That means people are searching the web for new companies to service their needs. So there has been a shift in how people are looking for you. No more phonebooks, they look for a website. Your website brings a relationship to the table without ever talking to them. They get to shop before they buy. Companies that have a website will probably get the sale as opposed to a company that does not have a web site. Below I am going to give you my philosophy on why you need a web presence in order for you to experience growth.

From a customer stand point, I look for companies that have good Internet ratings. If a company is a ghost on the web, I’m simply not going to be calling them for anything. I tell you what a web site will do for you . A website gives you the ability to properly display all of your services and products to the public. This could have a major impact on up-sales. If consumers do not know you offer a service or sell a product you could be loosing thousands. This alone is enough to get anyone going. You can display photo’s of the work you have performed as well as current projects that you are currently working  on. So a small business web site will do this and more. You are able to present pictures of your employees and show them how professional you are. I think the main point here is to be able to explain all that your business does for your service area.

Ok here is another great point about owning a small business and having a website. What do you do when you have an electrical shortage in your house?  You Google an electrician in your area and usually call the first number that pops up. Having a website gives you a better chance of coming up first with Google and other search engines. The name that comes up first just rakes in the business with new customers. Wouldn't it be nice to see a significant increase in sales? I’m telling you right now that if you do not have a web site up for your small business, you are loosing out big time. Time to get with the times and invest in  the future of your small business. Thank you for visiting eegraphic.com I hope that I have persuaded you to get a website today! Your loosing out on so much business.

Below are some stats you may find compelling.

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There a lot more where this came from. I hope you call us today and get the ball rolling of your new website.

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