? The Truth About Small Business Web Design.
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The Truth About Small Business Web Design.

What is it that I really need?

Hello my name is Chris Enderby, fellow entrepreneur. I want to give you the real scoop when it comes to local business web design. You are probably interested in web design for two reasons. One because you want to get your contact information to as many people as you can or two you do not need anymore business, you just want to be able to answer the faqs (what products or services you offer, time you open or close, what's on the menu, etc.)and keep the amount of phone calls to a minimum . Here is the key, if you are not selling anything on the Internet, you will not need the expensive $4000 - $20’000 web site. These websites will not gain you anymore traffic than having your ad in the yellow pages.

What’s Important?

They major key to traffic is the content you have in your site, while keeping it clean. Most big web design companies will sell you on a million upgrades that are simply ineffective. If you are a small business looking to get your name and phone number to the public, you need what web designers call a brochure web site. These are usually a 7- 10 page web site explaining all the products or services that your business provides. If you are in a larger metropolitan city and need first page rankings then you will have to go with a 20+ page web site. You should spend no more than $2000 for a 7 - 10 page website. (We offer ours at $895.) And should not spend more than $4000 on a 20+ website. These numbers only apply to the small business and service industry.

You need to be found don’t you?

If you are looking for a web designer for your website ask them what kind of SEO

( search engine optimization) they offer. SEO is the most important aspect of your web design. Without proper SEO your web site is useless. You need to be able to find your company on  the search engines by searching for the kind of business that you are in, you at least need to be on the top 3. Basic SEO is very easy and should be included in your web design. You should be able to get a top Google rankings with your web site purchase. I offer local first page Google rankings  with my web design it’s not hard, I promise. I hope this helps you make the right decision when it comes to your small business. I know that every advertising dollar need to count. I will also tell you that if you do not have a website up you are loosing 75% of potential clients.

Here are some examples of a 7-10 page small business web sites that cost only $895.0          

http://www.midlandzombierun.com       http://www.oilfieldsteaming.com       http://www.mmdisposal.com


Things web developers do not want you to know article. DO IT YOURSELF WEB DESIGN SEO

If you are not going to use a web designer to build your website I have an article that you must read. I give you the secrets to do-it-yourself web design and SEO. In this article I tell you secrets web designers do not want you to know.

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