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Why you need a website to survive

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The telephone book is an anitque that your grandpa used to find local businesses

I want to first talk about find-ability, your ability to be found by the consumer. Go and try it, look for the type of business you are in (not your name) and see how you fare. Chances are you would pick up your cell phone or laptop and try searching example- contractor or dentist in your city. There has always been a battle in business over exposure, who is popping up first. Statistics show that 51 percent of U.S. adults get information about local

businesses from the Internet, rather than from newspapers, word-of-mouth, TV reporting or those tragic phone book. It’s clear a well built website will send you to the top of find-ability in your area. If I want a plumber, I pick up the phone and Google search “Plumber in Midland, TX” I usually go with the first one that looks reputable and honest. How easy is it to find your business? Try it for yourself.


Everyone knows that relationships means trust and website gives you the ability to interact with the consumer without you actually having to be there. The ability to build a relationship that will gain trust and loyalty is priceless. When a customer sees pictures and reads a little bit about who you are, they now know a more about you than the competition and that counts for a lot. You have the ability to voice your concerns and provide helpful tips to your clients. You can add value to their life and benefit your community with your knowledge and understanding. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, customers love to learn about the owner.

Explain your products & Services

The mighty website gives you the ability to properly explain all your products and services with great detail combined with imagery. This is so valuable, as a consumer they what to feel comfortable about your products or services and want the most value for their buck. Properly presenting your products or services adds more value to what your selling.

For example I needed a new dentist, so I googled dentist in Midland TX and started the research. I wanted to know that their establishment was clean and comfortable without looking too expensive. I wanted to see a picture of the actual dentist doing the work and the kind of products he was using. I had visited 3-4 websites before I found one I felt comfortable with. I ultimately went with the dentist that had more information and pictures about how they conduct their business. Don’t leave your customers wondering about what products or services you offer. Let them know what package deals you offer, prices of services, what's all included in your products or services. Do you offer warrantee? What are your hours? What is on the menu? The list goes on, be the one in your industry with all the answers and leave no shady area for the consumer to wonder.

I know an electrician who loves installing ceiling fans. He says it only takes him an hour and it’s an EZ $150 in the bank, but customers are too afraid to call for something so small. So he added “ceiling fan installation, no job too small” to his website and business cards. Needless to say he rakes it in on ceiling fan installs while the competition is looking for work not paying any attention to the bread and butter.