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Why You Need a Website to Make Your Business Grow

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Why You Need a Website to Make Your Business Grow

These days, if you don’t have a website, you are at a major disadvantage. In a world that’s trending towards all things mobile, it will be difficult to stand out from the crowd without a website.

If no one has been able to convince you of the power of a website, here are a few (hopefully compelling) reasons why you need you get your business online TODAY.

Reason #1: Do you know 2 billion people?

As of 2012, approximately 2,405,518,376 people around the world are online. The United States boasts about 200 million. A website offers you the opportunity to put your brand in front of all these people. In other words, the internet will allow you to not just reach people locally, but globally as well. Most small businesses are only able to market to their own town or surrounding communities. This is a massive limitation in today’s economy. With a website, you can make sales all across the world. And people are definitely buying. The Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates that small business with websites average $1.07 million more per year in sales than those without a website. That’s about 39% more in revenue every year! They also estimate that approximately 50% of all internet sales are from new customers. This means that having a website significantly improves your customer reach no matter what you’re offering. So why aren’t you online again?

Reason #2: Unlike your employees, websites don’t need time off.

Imagine making money while you sleep. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? With an e-commerce site, you can process orders, set up shipping, send receipts, and process returns on autopilot! And best of all, you don’t have to worry about having to pay overtime. A website will certainly be your employee of the month working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. And a website’s overhead is smaller than a regular employee. You don’t have to worry about health benefits. There’s no overtime or holiday pay. No, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is registering a domain name and purchasing hosting.

Reason #3: A Website Makes Your Company Look “Legit”

A professional and well-designed website can drastically enhance your company’s image. And as we all know, an enhanced public image helps customers have more confidence in your brand. This almost always equates to a higher willingness to spend with you. Plus, a great looking website can even the playing field with a pesky competitor. People always opt for nicer looking sites. It gives the customer reassurance that their information will be safe. So what are you waiting for? Get your business online today and start reaching out to those 2 billion people surfing the net. The world deserves to hear about you. And you deserve to grow your business.