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How to Win a Customer for Life
Know what really goes through the customers mind
This article is geared towards the service industry, although this will be very helpful to all facets of business. Where is our customer service standards? I feel it’s a lost art, that us in the business world, need to re-learn. Here are a few must for you to operate smoothly in this fast pace society we service.
Make The Time

The biggest problem I see in this day and age, is that the employee or owner thinks that what they are doing is more important than a relationship with the customer. I believe that we have that backwards. Yes, your services are important and need to be done in a timely manner, but take a few seconds and look the customer in the eye when they are talking and respond without a sense of urgency. Try your hardest to ask a few questions about their personal life, but not too personal. example- “So, do you have any kids?” “Do you enjoy the neighborhood?” Etc. Then proceed to give them a little bit of info on yourself. It’s not that hard and only takes minutes to build a small foundation. As a customer, they feel more secure about your services and will be more dedicated to your business when they know a little bit about you. The customer will refer you to their friends and your reputation will increase throughout your service area.


Nothing screams, “You have an awesome business!” like keeping your word. Here is a worthy quote that you should memorize. “Be there when you say you are going to be there and do what you say you are going to do.” Make this a rule for your company. For example, in the world of construction I see broken promises and people not showing up for days on end all the time. This leaves customers and contractors angry and fed up, and it gives the industry a bad reputation all across the board. If you want to win a customer for life then do what you said you will do and be there when you say you'll be there, even if it means you losing money. Your name is far more valuable than money any day. You may have heard the quote, “For whoever is faithful with little shall be faithful with much.” That's true! If you can’t be counted on  , you will never grow and your customers will never trust you. They will simply keep looking elsewhere until the day they find a reliable business.


Nothing brings distrust into a business relationship more, than not communicating. This is what you will have to do to win a customer for life. Answer the phone, call them back immediately and keep them in the loop. I work with men and women all the time in service industry and what frustrates me the most is being out of the loop and getting the cold shoulder. Look, we all drop the ball sometimes and it looks bad, but what's worse is putting off a client, stalling, or giving them some lame excuse. They don't want to hear it. Human error is natural even for the best of us. Proper communication and telling the truth usually works out every time and earns their respect. The customer will now know that even though things went wrong, they can trust you. Communication is a long subject to study and refine so you should look further into your own personal study on communication skills. Just apply this to your daily dealings. Call the customer. Answer the phone. Be honest. Keep them in the loop. Trust will win a customer over a good job all day long.
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