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Why Your Business Should Have a Website.

Let's face it folks, phone books are what your grandpa used to find a business back in the stone age. Today studies show that over 75% of potential customers will use their smartphone or computer to locate a business in their area.

If you are not using this massive marketing resource available to you are loosing money and in this article I will explain how to maximize your spending dollars and get the most effective results online. I can almost guarantee that if you follow these proven methods your sales should skyrocket.

Lets look at some online web statistics.

Okay like I had mentioned before that 75% of potential customers will use a smartphone or computer to locate a business in your city. What does that mean exactly? That simply means that hundreds of thousands of people each day are searching for services, local businesses, restaurants, and places of entertainment on the world wide web. Now here is the kicker, Over 70% of those web searches never make it past the first page. Those businesses that have taken the time to set up a website and increase their online presence are the companies taking your business away.

How can I increase my online web presence? Owning your own website

The first step you should take is setting up a custom website for your local business. Having a standalone website is so important. Owning a stand-a-lone website is the most effective way in gaining long term search engine results. This gives you a permanet piece of search engine real estate. Think of owning a website as owning a your own home. Investments that you make in your home increases the overall value of the property. The same goes for your own website. Each page that you create increases the relevance level of your website and that means a better chance of gaining first page rankings on search engines. Now once a website hits the first page on a search engine it now becomes very valuable in your market and you will start seeing results almost immediately.

Online directories will ramp your relevance.

SEO for short, is the single most important aspect of owning a website. Like I had mentioned earlier, having your website on the first page means everything when it comes to grabbing new online clients. Remember that 70% of all searches never make it past the first page. So I recommend that you take SEO very serious in the sense that you could be loosing valuable sales to your competition. Now there is an art to SEO and I would recommend that you do a little research or watch some YOUTUBE videos on the subject.

A little more advice from the professionals.

Okay I hope that we have opened your eyes to how valuable it would be to have an online presence. Now if I could give you some advice it would be to preform a little research on keywords in your market of industry. Say for instance that you are in the construction business your keyword(s) would be "construction" or maybe "remodeling". I would then Google these keywords and see who your competition is. After doing a little research go to their website and look at what they are doing and try to emulate that. I do know that your homepage layout is the most important factor in web design. I would recommend that your homepage have at least 300 words of content. Well this should get your brain ticking and hopefully produce some action. And we all know that a business with the most positive action usually wins. So go get'em tiger.